September 8 – “Standing for Jesus in the Face of Opposition” – Acts 6:8-15; 7:51-60

By Jim Stern on September 9, 2019

The story of Stephen should inspire all believers to courageously stand up against those who oppose us.


The following are some discussion questions as an individual or small group to further study this topic.

  1. Can you think of a time when you felt like you were being attacked by someone because of your faith in Christ? Please share your experience with the group.
  2. Read Acts 6:8-10. What does the text tell us about Stephen? What do you think it means that Stephen was gull of grace and truth? Who does it gave him the wisdom to stand against his “attackers”? Why is this important?
  3. Read Acts 6: 11-15. What tactics were being used to stir up the people, the elders and the teachers of the law against Stephen? What was he being accused of? Have you ever been falsely accused something? How did you respond?
  4. Read Acts 7:51-54. After giving a long defense (7:1-50) Stephen goes on the offense by bringing a list of accusations against them. What were they? Do you think Stephen was being too hard-hitting or aggressive in his response? How did the Sanhedrin respond? Under what circumstances should we take the offensive against our accusers?
  5. Read Acts 7:55-56. Describe what these verses say that Stephen saw. Do you think Stephen had any fear of his imminent death? If not, why not? What assurances do you, as a believer, have about your life after death?
  6. Read Acts 7: 60. What were Stephen’s last words? What can we learn from them? If today was your last day on earth, could you say similar words?   Why is it important to maintain a forgiving spirit throughout our lives? What makes it so hard for people to forgive? Share any struggles you have had with forgiveness.

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