September 29 – “Conversion Story” – Acts 9:1-22

By on October 2, 2019

Saul’s conversion reflects a pattern of the transformation that takes place as a result of a person’s true conversion to Christ.


The following are some discussion questions that can be used by an individual or small group for further study of this sermon topic:

  1. Whose life (or conversion) story most influenced you when you came to know Christ as you Savior?
  2. Read verses 1-2. What do we learn about Saul before he met Jesus on his way to Damascus? What else does the Bible tell us about Saul’s earlier life? (Acts 8:1-3: 22:2-6; 26:8-11; Galatians 1:13-14) How might have God used his earlier experiences to bring him to the point of Conversion? Share with the group some things in your “pre-Christian” life that God used to bring you to himself. Include anything that may have occurred before you were born?
  3. Read verses 3-9. How would you describe Saul’s conversion? How was yours different from Saul’s? In what ways was it the same as Saul’s? Share with the group the circumstances surrounding your conversion to Christ, including how old you were. Can you remember the specific time and day or is it easier to point to a period of time during which you met the Lord?
  4. Read verses 10-19. From these verses describe the things that occurred during Saul’s “first steps” as a follower of Christ. Can you think of a believer God used in life at that time? Did God heal you from any condition or deliver you from any bondage during that time? How soon following your accepting Christ were you baptized? How did this affect you subsequent walk with the Lord? Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit? What does this mean to you?
  5. Read verses 20-22. What dies it say Saul did in Damascus following his conversion? Why is a passion to share one’s faith normal following a person’s conversion? Why do you think this passion eventually wear off for many (if not most) Christians? Did you go through a phase when you wanted tell others what Jesus did for you?
  6. If you haven’t already, share your conversion story with your Community Group. What are some possibly scenarios in which you might share your story with others?


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