September 15 – “Reaching Our Neighbors” – Acts 8:4-25

By Jim Stern on September 16, 2019

Reaching our neighbors for Christ will involve times of joy and wonder as well as times of confusion and pretense.


The following are some questions to use by an individual or small group to further study this topic.

  1. Have you ever been in a church or community where a “growth spurt” of God’s Kingdom took place in which multiple people came to Christ and there were other evidences of the outpouring of God’s Spirit? Please share your experience with the group.
  2. Read Acts 8:4. What does verse 4 say about those who had been scattered? What would it look like today for you to “spread the good news” of Jesus wherever you went?
  3. Read Acts 8: What have we already learned about Phillip? What do we know about the Samaritans and their relationship to the local Jewish population? How might have his being a Greek-speaking Jewish believer been used by the Holy Spirit in his ministry to this city in Samaria?
  4. Read Acts 8:6-8. What do you think caused there to be “great joy in that city”? What do you think a genuine spiritual awakening in our city our county might look like? What would it take to see God do such a thing?
  5. Read Acts 8:9-13. What does Luke tell us about Simon? What may have influenced Simon to believe and be baptized? What was he especially attracted to? What lessons can you get from Simon’s “conversion”?
  6. Read Acts 8:14-17. What are some possible reasons that the apostles in Jerusalem sent Peter and John to Samaria? How might have their going to Samaria created a greater sense of unity?
  7. Acts 8:14-17 (cont.) What did they do when they arrived? In the message, Jim raised several questions (What does it actually mean that the HS had not yet come on them? Didn’t the Holy Spirit come into them when they believed? And why did Peter and John need to come and lay hands on them in order to receive the Holy Spirit?). How did Jim explain this passage? What have you been taught concerning the Holy Spirit?
  8. Read Acts 8:18-25. What was Simon’s request? What was Simon willing to do in order for his request to be granted? How did Peter respond? Jim made the statement: “The indwelling Holy Spirit is free but is not cheap.” What do you think he meant be that? What are some things that believers today might look to gain for themselves from Jesus and from the Holy Spirit?
  9. What other lessons did you take away from this message?

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