October 7 – “The Problem of Religion without Relationship” – Romans 2:17-29 (New Living Translation)

By Jim Stern on October 8, 2018

After showing the malady of living a religious life without having a relationship with Jesus, Paul reveals the remedy for such a disorder.


More discussion questions:

1.       Jim compared those who play fantasy football with those who substitute religious practices for a genuine relationship with Christ.  I this a meaning comparison?  Why or why not?

 2.       How does the phrase “religion without relationship” apply to the “religious unbeliever”?  How might this phrase apply to the true believer?                                                                                                           

 3.       Read verses 17-18.  How do you think we as believers should relate to a person who seems to be only pretending to be a follower of Christ?

 4.       Read verses 19-20.  Do you think it is possible for a “religious unbeliever” to become a teacher in the church?  How might that happen?

 5.       Read verses 21-24.  Do you think it is possible for these verses to be applied to a true believer?  If so how should we respond to Paul’s words?

 6.       Read verse 25.  Jim said that Christian (water) baptism can be compared to the Jewish rite of circumcision.  How are they alike?  How are they different?  Is it possible for a person to be baptized without being a true believer?  Is it possible to be a true believer without being baptized?

 7.       Read verses 26-27.  Who do you know that lived a very non-religious life before coming to Christ?  Did they have difficulty being accepted in the church?  Did God accept them even though they didn’t “act” like a Christian?

 8.       Read verses 28 -29.  How does Paul define a “true Jew?  Explain how repentance can lead to an inward change.   How will such a transformation change the trajectory (course) of our lives.

 9.       Read Matthew 19:27-29.  How did Jesus answer Peter’s question?  How does this relate to making our relationship to Jesus more important than anything else in our lives?  What are some things that keep me from having this kind of relationship with Jesus?

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