October 14 – “Let God Be True!” – Romans 3:1-8 (NIV)

By Jim Stern on October 15, 2018

Paul responds to the arguments posed against His message of grace.


Additional Discussion Questions for use in small groups or independent study:

1.       Can you think of a time in your life when you struggled in your faith?  If so, what aspect of faith did you struggle in?  (ex. existence of God, authority of Scripture, God’s love, etc.)

 2.       Can you think of a time that you struggled to accept a new idea?  (ex. self-driving cars) Share with the group the challenge that Paul must have faced in presenting the concept of salvation by God’s grace through faith rather than by doing good or by keeping the Law of Moses.

 3.       Have you ever had an experience in your life that caused you to doubt whether God keeps His promises?   Did it strengthen or weaken your faith in God’s Word?

 4.       How has our culture’s rejection of God and His Word affected your faith?  In what ways has the unbelief of so many caused you to question your own faith?  In what ways has it strengthened your faith?

 5.       Read verses 5 and 7.  Explain this argument in your own words? What is Paul’s response in verse 6?  What examples have you seen of people questioning God’s right to judge them for their sins? 

 6.       Read verse 8 and Romans 6 :1-4.  How does the doctrine of salvation by God’s grace through faith open the door of such thinking?  Have you met people who thought that since God would forgive them anyway, they could sin as much as they wanted to?    In what ways and we all fall into this trap?

 7.       Share with the group what you took away from this message.

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