October 13 – “Desperate Faith” – Acts 9:32-43

By Jim Stern on October 14, 2019

These two stories in the end of Acts 9 highlight the role of faith in living the supernatural life of Christ’s Spirit in us.

The following are some discussion questions to use in further study of this passage:

  1. How do you feel after reading Jesus’ promise that He will do whatever we as in His name? A miracle is an event that contradicts known scientific laws due to an act of God.   Think of and share a time in your life when you experienced or observed a miracle.
  2. Read verses 32-35. What experiences in Peter’s life may have helped to build up his faith to the point that he could simply walk up to Aeneas and declare him healed. Who did Peter say healed the man? Why do you think this detail way important to include?
  3. Read verses 36-38. What does the text tell us about Tabitha? How would you describe such a person in your own words? Why might it have been unusual that they placed her body in an upstairs room (rather than in a tomb)? What would have been the reason behind such an action? In what way were these mourners proving their faith by their actions? Can you think of a time you put your faith into action?
  4. Read verse 39. What did Jim say was significant about this verse? (Think of the story of Jesus’ ministry to Martha and Mary at the time of Lazarus’ death.) In what ways caring for the emotional needs of those in mourning be meaningful?
  5. Read verses 40-42. What did Peter do after he sent them all out of the room? What role do you think prayer has in the occurrence of miracle? In what way does the story of this miracle (or stories of other present-day miracle) increase your ability to believe that God can do anything in response to your prayers?

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