November 25 – “Now Choose Life” – Deut. 30:11-20 (NIV)

By Jim Stern on November 26, 2018

When God calls His people to do something, He expects us to do it without delay.


Additional discussion questions to help you further explore the topic or for use in small group discussions.

 1.       Think of a time when you procrastinated and be prepared to share with the group what happened as a result.  Note how many times (6) the words “now”, “today” and “this day” are used in the passage.  What does the Bible say about the importance of taking immediate action when it comes to obeying him? (see 2 Cor 6:2)

2.       Jim defined fatalism as “acceptance of any event as inevitable.”  What are some common phrases we use that reflect this philosophy?   What are some of the effects this attitude has on us?

 3.       Read verses 11-14 of the text. .  How did the Apostle Paul apply these verses to God’s gift of salvation in Romans 10:6-10?  How does Christ’s incarnation fit into these verses?  In what ways do these verses confront a fatalistic attitude toward life?

 4.       Read verses 15-16.  Why does obedience seem to be a negative concept in our culture?  How is obedience presented in these verses?  In your experience, has obedience to God resulted in a positive or negative experience?

 5.       Read verses 17-18.  What was the warning given to the Israelites in these verses? What punishments were declared for ignoring these warnings?  Why do you think God so adamant about His people remaining faithful to Him?

 6.       Jim relayed the story of the time God commanded Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.  In what way was Abraham choosing life when he decided to obey God and put his own son to death?  Have you ever felt like you would have to let go of your most valued possessions or relationships in order to obey God?  What did you choose to do?  What were the results?


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