March 24 – “The Good News of the Kingdom” – Luke 4:16-21

By Jim Stern on March 25, 2019

Jesus, who is the Good News of the Kingdom, is sending us t do the work of His Kingdom.


The following are some discussion questions to be used for further study by an individual or group.

  1. Jim made the statement that the Kingdom of God can be defined as “God in action”. In what ways do you see God acting in the world today? In your community? In your life?
  2. Read Luke 4:18a and 21.   Who did Jesus identify as the one “anointed to preach good news”? Do you feel Jesus was being prideful or self-aggrandizing? When we declare Jesus to be the King above all kings, are we preferential to one religion over another?   Why or why not?
  3. Jim stated that to be “spiritually poor” meant to be lacking anyone to tell them about Christ? What does that look like globally? What does it look like in Mitchell County?
  4. Read the last part of verse 18 and verse 19.   The two ways Jesus gave evidence that the He is the Good News of the Kingdom of God are, first, by caring for people’s spiritual needs, and, second, by caring for people’s physical and emotional needs. How did Jesus care for our spiritual needs? How does He care for our physical and emotional needs? How can we be the extension of Jesus’ ministry today (spiritual and physical)?
  5. Read verses 23 to 30.   What was it that made the people of Jesus’ hometown so angry? What can we learn about the extent of God’s Kingdom through this?

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