March 18 – “Overcoming Unbelief” -Mark 9:14-27

By Jim Stern on March 19, 2018

180317_001   Jesus says everything is possible for one who believes.  So why is it so hard to believe?

Discussion Questions

Luke 9:14-27

  1. What problem are you facing that seems to have no solution, no matter how much you pray? verses 14-18
  2. How convinced are you that God is real and that you can have a personal, intimate relationship with Him? Always? Sometimes? Hardly ever?  verse 19
  3. Do you find it difficult to believe that, with faith, all things are possible? What do you think hinders your faith?  verse 20-23
  4. Why do think admitting our lack of faith actually strengthens our faith?  verse 24
  5. What need in your life do you need to give to Jesus? What exactly might that look like?  verses 25-27

Principles of Faith

Principle 1:  We won’t see answers to our prayers when we focus our attention more on the problem than the Problem-solver.

Principle 2:  Faith is formed upon the reality that God exists and that He seeks a personal relationship with us.

Principle 3: Unbelief is extinguished by stepping out in faith and really trusting Jesus.

Principle 4: The secret of overcoming unbelief is humbly admitting our need for faith and then praying earnestly and consistently for God to work.

Principle 5: No matter what we think we need, Jesus is ALL we really need.


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