March 11 – “The Power to Seek God First” – Matthew 6:19-34

By Jim Stern on March 12, 2018

180310_001     In the cross of Christ we find the power to seek after God’s values over those of worldly, self-directed values.

Discussion Questions

1.  Verses 19-21 : What are examples of “treasures stored on earth”?   What are examples of “treasures stored up in heaven? What does               your checkbook say about where your treasures are being stored? 

2.  Verses 22-23 : Jesus is saying that when our whole life is given to gain temporal, earthly things, we are spiritually blind. But when we spend our lives in endeavors that last for eternity, we have spiritual sight.  How would your closest friends describe your life ambitions?

              3.  Verse 24: Discuss what you think Jesus means when he said, “No one can serve two masters? Who or what is your master?         

               4.  Verse 25-32, 34 : Are we doing our part in caring for those who have an inadequate supply of nourishing food and clean water? How big (or small) part of your life consists of worry and anxiety? How do you keep yourself from worrying about tomorrow? What are you learning to do about worry in your life?

5.  Verse 33 : In what ways are you seeking God’s kingdom first in your life? In what ways does Jesus’ death on the cross give us the power to put God first in our lives? (see Romans 6:5-7)



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