June 30 – “We Cannot Stop” – Acts 4:13-22

By Jim Stern on July 3, 2019

Because of what Jesus had done for them, Peter and John could not be stopped from telling others about Him.


The following are some discussion questions that can be used by an individual or small group to further study this passage:

  1. What do you think of when you hear the word, “transformation”?       Share some examples to transformation you have witnessed.
  2. Read verses 13-14. What was it that cause the religious leaders to take note that Peter and John had been with Jesus? What evidence is there in your life that you have been with Jesus?
  3. Read verses 15-17. Based on these verses, how do you think the leaders were feeling about the situation with Jesus and His followers? What was the key issue that kept them from knowing what to do about the situation?
  4. Is there anything about our lives that those who are opposed to the Gospel would do whatever possible to shut us up?
  5. Read verses 18-19. After the leaders told the Apostles to stop speaking about Jesus, what did Peter and James say in response? In what way did their response put the leaders on the defensive?
  6. Read verse 20. Discuss how their answer to the leaders was risky? How willing are we to defy our earthly authorities in order to obey God, who is our Heavenly authority?
  7. Read verses 21-22. Based on these verses, why do you think the leaders decided to let them go unpunished?
  8. Share one thing you “took away” from this message.

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