July 7 – “Earth Shaking Prayer” – Acts 4:23-31

By Jim Stern on July 8, 2019

When God’s people pray together as patterned in God’s Word, powerful things happen.


The following are questions for further study of this scripture by individuals or small groups:

  1. From your own experience, share how you feel about the place of prayer in the Christian life? In what way does prayer make a difference to you?
  2. Read verses 23-24a. In what ways were the believers untied in their prayers? Why is being united in prayer important?
  3. Read verse 24b. What do you think is the significance of this part of the prayer? Why is worship an important part of prayer?
  4. Read 25-26. Why do you think the believers included these verses from Psalm 2 in their prayer. How might praying Scripture be an effective addition to our prayers?
  5. Read verse 27. How does verse 27 tie into verse 26? In what way were the believers making prayer relevant to the situation in which they found themselves? Read Philippians 4:16. What does this verse say about brining our needs and concerns to God in prayer?
  6. Read verse 28.   How does this verse relate to God’s sovereignty? How does a belief in the sovereignty of God help us in our praying?
  7. Read verse 29. In what way might this request be considered risky? Jim quoted Mark Batterson (The Circle Maker) as saying, “in order to experience a miracle, you have to take a risk.” What miracles were the believers asking God for?   How do you understand Batterson’s statement? Why did Jim say, “if we are not praying for things that only God to do (miracles), there is no reason to pray.”
  8. Read verse 30. In what way did this request require faith? How would you describe faith? What are some ways we can build up our faith?
  9. 9. Read verse 31. From this verse, how was the believers’ prayer answered? In what ways did God show up after the believer finished praying? Have you ever experienced anything unusual after a time of prayer with other believers?

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