July 29 – “Relating to God Through Ritual and Symbol” – Exodus 12:12-14

By Jim Stern on July 30, 2018

Just as God established a ritual for Israel to remember how God delivered them from Egypt, so He employs the use of rituals and symbols for us to remember how Christ has delivered us from sin. 180730_001   

Additional discussion questions for small group use:

1.       Think about your own religious upbringing.  What styles of worship were used in the church you attended (if you attended church as a child)?  What elements in the worship were repeated in every worship service?  In what ways were you affected by those rituals?

 2.       What, if any, religious symbols, including pictures, were displayed in your home while you were growing up?  What emotional reaction do you feel when you see those symbols today?

 3.       Read Exodus 12:12-16.  Why do you think God commanded the people of Israel to turn the “Passover” event into a ritualized festival to be celebrated every year?  In what way did the blood that was spread on the doorposts symbolize what Jesus did for us on the cross?

 4.       What are some of the symbols that have been used by Christians that add meaning to what Christ has done for us?  In what ways have the rituals of baptism and communion been important to your walk with Christ?

 5.       What are some practices or traditions surrounding Christian “holy days” that have been a part of your life?  Which of these do you wish to pass on to the next generation in your family?

 6.       What are some devotional habits that you have adopted in order to better order your spiritual life?

 7.        Jim said that “religion without relationship” can be toxic and dangerous.  What did he mean by that?  In what way has this been true in your life?  Does this mean that we should avoid all “religious” practices?  Why or why not?

 8.       Jim mentioned 3 other dangers that comes with being a “traditionalist” (neglecting social obligations, judging others and deifying rituals).   Have you experienced these in yourself or others?

 9.       The use of doctrinal creeds have been used throughout church history as a way of keeping the church grounded to the vital truths of Christianity.  What creeds, if any, have been instrumental in your life?  Would using them regularly in worship services be of benefit to you and to our church?


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