July 14 – “The Mark of a Spirit-filled Church” – Acts 4:32-37

By Jim Stern on July 17, 2019

The Spirit-filled church is a church that is characterized by love.


The following are some questions that can be used by either an individual or small group for further study of this passage.


  1. As a Christian, what distinguishing mark would you give yourself? (ex: caring, patient, generous, etc.) What mark would you give your church? How would a person or a church look if their distinguishing mark were love?
  2. Read Acts 4:32. How do you think a group of believers can become one in heart and mind?
  3. Why does the last part of verse 32 seem out of sync with the rest of the world? If no one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, whose possessions were they? What did Jim say that the New Testament teaches about giving a tithe (10%) of our income?
  4. Read verse 33. Why do you think so much emphasis was put on the Resurrection of Jesus in the apostles’ preaching? Describe what you think Luke meant when he said that “God’s grace was powerfully at work in the all”? What would that look like in the church today?
  5. Read verses 34 and 35. How did the believers demonstrate by their actions that they loved each other? How did they go about making sure that there was no needy person among them? What are some ways we can do that within our own church family?
  6. Do you believe that this passage is advocating a socialist form of economic system? Why or why not?

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