February 17 – “The Holy One!” – Joshua 7 (NIV)

By Jim Stern on February 17, 2019

The demands of God’s holiness seems to eliminate any hope of our ever being able to stand in His presence.


The following are some discussion questions to be used for individual or group study:

  1. Read Joshua 7:1. Why do you think it says that the Israelites were unfaithful when it was actually one man (Achan) who took the devoted things? What does this verse tell you about God?
  2. Read Joshua 7:2-5. Jim mentioned that what is significant in this part of the story is what Joshua did not What did Joshua neglect to do? What difference do you think it would have made if Joshua and remembered to do this? Read James 1:5. What is implied in this verse? How freely do you seek the Lord’s guidance in your everyday activities?
  3. Read Joshua 7: 6-9. What did Joshua do after Israel was defeated at Ai? Who does he seem to blame for Israel’s defeat? In what ways have you blamed God for the failures in your life?
  4. Read Joshua 7:10-12. What did the Lord tell Joshua to do in verse 10? What did the Lord say the problem was? What can we learn about God from these verses? Why do you think God didn’t reveal to Joshua who had sinned?
  5. Read Joshua 7: 13-21. Put yourself in Achan’s place. How would you have felt as each time the Lord chooses the tribe, clan and family that you are a part of? What does this say about trying to hide our sin from God? Can you think of similar accounts in the Bible? (hint; 2 Samuel 11 and 12; Acts 5)
  6. What was wrong about what Achan did? What do you think made Achan take those things God forbade him to take? Which of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) did Achan break? How important is it to us that we obey God? How do handle temptation?
  7. Read Joshua 7:22-26. Why do you think God dealt with Achan so severely? How does this relate to the fact that God is holy? How is this tied in with Jesus death? Does God still judge people for their sin?
  8. How are our actions affecting others in the faith community?


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