August 5 – “It’s All About the Gospel!” Part 1 – Romans 1:1-7

By Jim Stern on August 6, 2018

The Gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ.  180806_001

Discussion questions to follow the sermon:

1.       Can you remember a time in your life when you received some really good news?  In what ways did the news change you or your situation?

2.       Why do you think the word “gospel” (good news) is used to describe the message about Jesus?  In what ways is this message good news to you?  How has Jesus changed your life?

3.       Paul said he was a servant or “bond-slave” of Jesus Christ.  If this word means, “one who serves his master to the disregard of his own interests” and “one whose will was swallowed up in the will of his master”, to what extent do you, like Paul, consider yourself to be a servant of Jesus Christ?  

4.       Paul said he was called to be an apostle (ambassador) of Jesus Christ.  In what ways do you consider yourself an ambassador of Jesus sent to deliver the Good news of salvation to lost people?  Have you ever considered yourself as set apart or singled out be used to accomplish God’s plan for you?

5.       Read verses 2-4.  What do these verses say about Jesus?  (He is the fulfillment of the Scriptures vs. 2); He is a descendant of David vs. 3; He is the Son of God vs. 4)  Why are each of these essential to understanding who Jesus is?

6.       Read verse 5.  What was Paul’s goal in telling “Gentiles everywhere what God has done for them”?  What would be the end result?

7.       Read verse 6.  Why is it important for people to have a sense of belonging to something outside themselves?  What does it mean to you to “belong to Jesus Christ”?  Do you think this includes belonging to the Body of Christ (the Church)? How might this aspect of the gospel be good news to an unbeliever? 

8.       In verse 7 Paul tells his readers they are loved by God and are called to be holy.  Describe how it feels for you to be loved by God.  How do you feel about being called to be holy?  Where does our holiness come from?

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