August 26 – “The Righteous Judgements of God” – Romans 2:1-16

By Jim Stern on August 27, 2018

God is a righteous and impartial judge.  180827_001

1.        Can you think of a time when you made the statement: “Life just isn’t fair.”?  What were the circumstances?  Do you agree or disagree with the statement? 

2.       Why is it that it that “getting justice” has been a problem since the beginning of human interaction.  What do passages like Isaiah 51:4-5 have to say about God’s attitude toward injustice?

3.       Read Romans 2:1-5 (also Matt 7:1-2).  What do these verses say will happen to those who judge others?  Why is it so difficult to avoid judging others, and allow God to be the Judge?

4.       Verse 2 contains what Jim called the Principle of Truth.  According to this principle, on what are God’s judgments based?   How can this make a difference in the way we respond when we are confronted with others’ faults?

5.       Read Romans 2:6-10 (also Matt 7:17).  4.  Verse 6 contains what Jim called the Principle of Fruit.  If it is true that, as Jim said, we are all “bad trees” when we come into the world, how are we able to “do good” and escape God’s judgment.   How do these verses square with Ephesians 2:8-10?

6.       Read Romans 2:11-16.  Principle 3 is found in verse 11: God’s judgment is impartial, that is, He never shows favoritism.  The reason God is able to judge us impartially is that He knows our hearts and the motive behind our actions.  In the remaining verses, Paul talks about conscience and the secrets of the heart.  In what way(s) can we be sure that our consciences are clear and motives are pure so that we can stand up to God’s judgments?

7.       When life isn’t fair, and we can’t seem to get justice, how can Jesus give us hope.  What promises are we given in God’s Word?

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