April 22 – “Making Disciples” – Matthew 18:18-20

By Jim Stern on June 18, 2018

This message did not get recorded as their were technical difficulties.  Below are some discussion questions for this passage.

Message Theme: The main thrust of the Great Commission is to make disciples.  This raises the question of what it means to make disciples.

1.     How does the statement that “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus” make you feel?  How do you think a non-Christian would respond to this statement?

2.     What specific areas of authority was Jesus given?

3.     What did Jim say was the main verbal action of the Great Commission, to “go” or to “make disciples”? 

4.     When Jesus tells us to go and make disciple of “all nations”, to who or what was he referring? 

5.     What did Jim say was a “people group”?  What do we mean by the term “unreached people group”?

6.     Jim said, “to make disciples means bringing people into a relationship with Christ and lead them to become fully committed to him.”  According to this definition of making disciples when do you think the disciple-making process is complete?

7.     What promise did Jesus make after giving these orders to His disciples?  How might this promise influence your personal response to the Great Commission?


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