AWANA Activities 2017-2018

Throughout the year, AWANA will host various events for clubbers and sometimes include their families.

Wednesday, March 14th: The sound of cheering clubbers filled the Family Life Center as the Osage Alliance Church hosted their first annual AWANA Grand Prix  Forty-four clubbers participated in this event. Each starting with a block of wood, four nails and four wheels, they were able to design and decorate their own cars or trucks. Each group was judged by their speed and design. Design trophies were awarded to Paxton Bohr and Amos Schumacher in Cubbies, Tyson Smolik and Holden Penney in Sparks, and Abrianna Nicolazzi and Logan Wagner T & T. The Speed trophies were awarded to:  Cubbies: 1st place – Eli Taylor, 2nd place – Jace Owen, 3rd place – Paxton Bohr.  Sparks: 1st place – Myah Taylor, 2nd place – Tyson Smolik, 3rd place – Autumn Owen.  T & T: 1st place – Ethan Peterson, 2nd place – LaSaundra Solomon, 3rd place – Abrianna Nicolazzi.

Cubbies Grand Prix Winners       Sparks Grand Prix WinnersTnT Grand Prix Winners             

Some more pictures from the Grand Prix

Saturday, February 17th, AWANA families and leaders went to Cedar Springs Camp and Retreat just south of Osage for a morning of sledding and other outdoor activities.  Following the sledding, a lunch was enjoying in the welcoming lodge at the camp.


Wednesday, November 14th, marked the end of the Food Drive to support the Mitchell County Food Bank.  There was a contest between the Sparks and the TnT groups to see who collected the most, by pounds.  The TnT won the contest and received special treats at the end of the evening.  Below is a picture of all the food collected with two of our faithful Game Time leaders, Merlin and Jon.

Sunday, November 12th, the 97 shoeboxes that AWANA clubbers helped create and fund were dedicated and prayed over during the Sunday service.  This is more than double the number of shoeboxes that were sent in 2016!  Thank you AWANA families for helping with this awesome project!


Tuesday, October 31st, a Trunk or Treat night was held in the back parking lot of the church.  All AWANA clubbers and families had been invited to stop. Treats were offered to all passers-by on this very chilly night.

Wednesday, October 25th, we held Kingdom Builders night when we dressed as builders to celebrate our theme for the year, “Build Your Kingdom Here”.  Clubbers and leaders wore hard hats, tool belts, work books, safety glasses and vests, and jeans for this fun night.  Games had building activities and treats were available for all in attendance.

On Wednesday, October 8th, we hosted the family Hayride Night.  Clubbers, family members, and leaders loaded onto 4 hayracks and trailers and went out to Ric & Terri Lancaster’s home for a bonfire.  Though no exact count was taken, the group numbered over 135!!  It was a beautiful night for the hayride, the s’mores were delicious, and Sparky even visited the group.  Sparky, Professor Smidley and Miss Carol talked to the clubbers and others about God’s creating the entire universe.